Things To Do in Montreal: Visit A ‘Hookah’ Lounge

Top Hookah Lounges in Montreal

Top Three Hookah Lounges as per the Montreal local’s advice? No Problem, we’ve got you covered! Having originated India, Pakistan, Hookah (or Shisha as we like to call it), North America seems to have embraced the Eastern tradition. According to Wiki: It was a man named Abul-Fath Gilani (d. 1588), a Persian physician at the Indian court of the Mughal emperor Akbar, who “first passed the smoke of tobacco through a small bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke and thus invented the hubble-bubble or hookah.”

1.) Newtown Lounge – 1476 Crescent Street. Shisha smoking is only on the third floor terrace, which is beautiful and offers great views of the city. Their menu has recently been updated to accommodate the Shisha, with fine hors d’oeuvres and delicious Sangria to top it all off.

2.) Orienthe Tea Lounge – 4511 Saint Denis – Enjoy being submerged in endless amounts of culture with what this submerged chilling booth has to offer. Located on one of the most beautiful streets in the Plateau, Saint Denis is one of the main attractions in Montreal

3.) “Habibi – 1172 Bishop St. – This is a popular hookah spot not only for the amazing shisha and vibe, but also for the Lebanese fare. Located by the Bell Centre, this two-floor restaurant/hookah bar offers traditional grilled meat plates with hummus or baba ghanoush along with amazing shisha selections. This is a hotspot for hockey goers after games and is usually packed most evenings. The décor is authentic and the experience is one not to miss.” For more on the best Shisha bars and what else Montreal has to offer visit ->


Montreal Bike Fest – June 2012

Plateau, Mount Royal

When June rolls in so do the cyclists! Montreal is North America’s cyclist capital for good reason! Hundreds of thousands of cycling enthusiasts overtake the city of Montreal during the summer months. Bikers also take full advantage of the city’s local mountain, Mount Royal, it’s large spanning park and seemingly endlessly winding paths.

The city itself is really bike friendly, with miles of biking lanes adjacent to the busy streets in the heart of downtown Montreal. With two cycling festivals happening annually; La Tour De La Nuit and La Tour De L’Ile,in the early weeks of June, its easy to understand why so many people come here for a good ride!

  • La Tour De La Nuit is a free nighttime festival in Parc La Fontaine, that draws thousands of cyclists biking around downtown Montreal, either on their own bikes or rented Bixi’s. Starting at the beautiful Parc-La-Fontaine, at the corner of Roy (June 3rd, 8:30-pm), this night-time tour circles back around the scenic Plateau area of Montreal, ending at rue Jeanne-Mance.
  • La Tour De L’Ile involves a more heavy course, 20K to be exact and the cyclists are a little bit more hardcore than that of La Tour De La Nuit. The course goes all over the city and spans over the course of three days, bringing in close to 100,000 people!

Maps and gorgeous photo’s of this fantastic event are available on this great Montreal website. Of course should you just wish to enjoy the natural bike paths, you can! There are plenty of rental places offering all kinds of biking equipment, for scenic trails running along the water of the Old Port in Montreal. You can even rent a Bixi bike, there is bound to be a station on a block near you if your anywhere downtown Montreal.

Sundays in Montreal – Beach Club

Beach Club - Point Calumet, Montreal, Qc

Beach Club – Point Calumet, Montreal, Qc. This little island is a 45 minute scenic drive from downtown Montreal, and it’s honestly one of the best activities to do in Montreal. It’s open everyday of the week but the best day is definitely Sunday. The crowd is a great at Beach Club, and most people gather around the outdoor dance floor on the mega deck to electronic music.

Things to do at Beach Club:

Wakeboarding around the island
Swimming in either the surrounding lake or the swimming pool
Relaxing on one of their many lounge chairs on the beach
– Enjoy some Drinks & BBQ-style food
– Listen or dance to Electronica or Hip Hop music (depending on your tastes, there’s two sides to please just about everybody!)

If you really like big crowds, then go on the days where they have big Dj’s like Armin Van Buerren, but if a chill vibe is what you’re looking for; choose a regular day so avoid being bothered by hot, sweaty men! Check out this link here for Google Maps info.
Best Part? $10-$20 Entry / per person.

Montreal’s Best Boutique Hotels

We love stylish and sophisticated and hope that you do too! Should you be searching for the perfect weekend stay in Montreal, or just looking for an exciting night downtown, check out the following Downtown Montreal Boutique Hotels located close-by all the action:

  • Hotel St Paul -> Four Star Boutique Hotel in the Old Port of Montreal
  • Opus Hotel -> Downtown corner of Sherbrooke & St. Catharines, walking distance to clubs etc..
  • The W Hotel -> Old Port of Montreal 
  • Le Place D’Arms Hotel & Suites -> 
From each of these downtown Montreal hotels, you will be able to enjoy the best of Montreal: St. Catherines street (the shopping district), St. Laurent Boulevard (a.k.a: the Main, not quite as bumping as it used to be but it’s still worth a gather;), and of course, the Old Port of Montreal (the heart of the city). Some of the venues, like Place D’Arms Hotel actually has one of the best Spa’s in the city located right inside: RAIN. The W Montreal is also know for their Wonderbar Wednesdays, and their upstairs lounge is always a crowd pleaser.

Sundays in Montreal: Tam Tams Jam

Beautiful Parc Mount Royal —>

Tam Tams has a very diverse crowd and lots of culture. The best part: you can go there for free! This family and dog friendly, 420 inspired event is held every single Sunday when weather permits, downtown Montreal. You can walk just 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the downtown city, to the Parc Mount Royal, for which the city was named after. This park is the base of a nice mountain that provides the city dwellers with fresh air and large, green and wide open spaces to enjoy. On Sundays, you can usually find half the city, we’re talking thousands of people, peacefully enjoying some lazy outdoor time to the sound of drums. Check it out when you’re looking for something to do -> Corner of Avenue Du Parc & Avenue Des Pins, Centreville, Montreal.

* On this particular day, there were thousands of people on the mountain, looking for some fresh air and sunshine after that long hibernation. WOW, we have never seen so many people there. See that statue in the centre of the photograph? It’s barely visible because of the sunshine … That statue is where the Tam Tams Jam centres. There are crowds of hundreds maybe even thousands of people, each with their own unique instrument or drums, largely participating in making music, together.  There’s some local artisans there too, lined up Flee Market-style around the centre of the action. Not to mention the over abundance of the Dicky-Dee!

Sundays in Montreal: Picnik Electronik

Sundays are by far the best days in Montreal. Whether you are hungover from the night before or not, should the weather permit, indulge yourself in at least one of the following extracurriculars:

Pikic Electronik – Parc Jean Drapeau.(10 Mins from Downtown)  They weren’t kidding when they said it’s a picnic, feel free to bring a case of beer/ bottle of wine and some sandwiches because it’s totally cool! On an island, this outdoor party is usually held under this unusual spider-like statue in the park close to La Ronde

You can witness live, local, underground Dj’s here, spinning fantastic electro or dub step beats under the sun, every Sunday in Montreal$10-$20 Entry + Plenty of Alcohol.

Things To at Piknic:

  • Check out the sick view: Montreal’s skyline. You are directly across the water from the Old Port of Montreal, which is a super yummy treat for the eyes!
  • Grab ice cold drinks, or Montreal sausages, from any of their many bars with friendly staff always waiting to chat.
  • Dance your ass off under the huge sculpture, with live underground, electro DJ’s spinning and hoards of local Montrealer’s dancing like it’s 3AM, you just can’t go wrong with this Sunday afternoon Piknic!

Montreal’s Best Lounges

Best places to grab  a drink in Montreal?

  1. The W Hotel is a great place to start, we particularly enjoy  their Srawbellini!
  2. Perhaps some quick spanish-style Tapas and more Martini’s at Santos in the Old Port of Montreal? We think so!
  3. Later, take off to Crescent Street in Downtown Montreal, to check out the super chick Newtown lounge. You can enjoy one of their two outdoor terraces in the heart of the hustle and bustle, over a nice bottle of wine and dinner. Or, you could take advantage of their newly redecorated (2012) upstairs bar and patio area which overlooks downtown, which offers plush outdoor furniture sets, and outdoor water feature  and plenty of Shisha to go around!
  4. Sir Winston Churchill’s Pub, on Crescent street offers an attractive 5a7 deal everyday in the summer to patio guests; two for one on all speed bar alcohol & domestic beers,  house wine / $7.00 ea.
  5. Not feeling alcohol? Try Nespresso for either an indoor or outdoor 5 star cafe experience. A waiter literally serves your Latte with a nice little mint chocolate on the side. Its a real treat!
  6. St. Sulpice, St. Denis. This backyard patio is so Montreal! With its stone courtyard and vines winding all around, this is one of the best places to grab Sangria. It’s always packed because the drinks are pretty cheap and the bar food’s not bad. Definitely a staple!
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