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As downtown Montreal dwellers, we hear the helicopters almost every night. The student protest here in Montreal has just passed its’ 100th day and the situation shows no signs of improving. Labeled as a continuation of the Occupy Wall Street, the student outrage here appears to be more about a generational gap between the young people and the governments of our World. The protest itself with the Quebec government, is a good enough reason for the Millennial Generation to stand up for themselves, in one of the greatest social movements since the 60’s and 70’s. Last night, police arrested more than 500 people, which marks an ugly turning point in the protest.

Montreal’s Social Movement: Student Protect 2012:

Jeffrey Juris, an anthropology professor and an expert in social movements, new media and youth culture commented: ““[Modern Social Movements]” are made up of young people who see that the prospects are not there for them. Students are facing a very different future. The economy is doing terrible and there are not as many opportunities open … this generation has been taught that they can do anything, that the world is theirs, but they’re getting to college and finding that’s not quite true.”

This article in the Montreal Gazette, shows the growing severity of the situation as Montreal passes the 100th day of the student protests. It is with due caution that travellers should visit montreal, because these movements can attract up to 100,000 people at any given time and  have recently become violent. The trashing of storefronts on the most beloved streets of downtown Montreal and rocks being thrown at police offers good enough reason for most to stay clear of the protesters.The social and economic ramifications of this milestone event are sure to last for years to come and hopefully facilitate the improvement of how the world’s governments are run. To read more about the Student Protest, or read the general warning from the Government of Canada, more news here.


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