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Welcome to my blog! Thanks a million for taking the time to visit!

I am an aspiring writer and an avid Iphone photographer, born in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.  A certified Event Planner,  I have a heavy interest in the local Montreal events/ music scene. After living and experiencing life living in downtown core of Montreal for the past 6+ years, I have a lot of inside knowledge, that I want like to share with you on this blog…

I’m aiming to parlay my interest in electronic music and modern events into something powerful and valuable to both myself and others. So here you have it: Locals Only. My first project that I hope to share with many people. My goal is to bring you all the little secrets Montreal has to offer, the insider tips that make living here so much fun!

Assuming that we get bored or run out of interesting new topics to post regularly, the goal is to start having Guest Bloggers share their experiences in some of the worlds hottest places; New York, Miami, LA, Ibiza, etc.. Along with the addition of special destination article categories written by yours truly! Please stay tuned and help us grow! Comments and article ideas are of course always welcome, so is any feedback!  🙂

Thank-you &

Kind Regards,

Locals Only


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