7 Reasons You Should Live in Montreal

The city of Montreal has so much to offer its’ residents. Our Locals Only blog strives to show all the various and intricate facets of the city. Being Ontario natives, we know the advantages of living here versus the neighbouring province where Canada’s capital lies, because we had to weigh them ourselves, once upon a time! Montreal is a city designed with the young people’s interests in mind, so if you’re between the ages 18-35, this just may be the city for you! Below, we outline some of the top reasons to move to Montreal, whether it be for school, for work or for leisure:

1.) The cost of living for one thing is much lower than in Ontario. Of course, this difference in cost has the potential to even itself out with the payscale offered by Quebec employers.One really good point to mention is the thousands of dollars you save when you don’t have a car. Yes. That’s right: good old fashioned walking is really the best way to get around! 😉

2.) The culture is unmatched when compared to any other Canadian city. You can only compare the cobblestone pathways, boutiques and lifestyle to that of Europe. This city is often cited as one that makes you feel like your not in Canada anymore. Right down to the attitude of the people who live here: we work to live, not the other way around.

3.) There are more creative opportunities in Montreal than most other cities in Canada due to the cultural influence, which attracts the artists. This means there are many opportunities to pursue acting, modelling and musical endeavours. Plus, there’s tons of internet gigs in Montreal if you’re looking in the right places.

4.) There’s TONS of young people living in downtown Montreal, mainly due to the prestigious universities; McGill, Concordia  & John Molson School of business, all of which are located smack dab in the centre of all the action. The international fashion school LaSalle College also attracts thousands of newcomers every semester, further enhancing the cultural experiences Montreal has to offer. These people are always coming and going, bringing the city excitement year round.

5.) TONS of young people means LOTS of nightlife, which is certainly the case in Montreal. There’s no shortage here; TONS of Nightclubs, Supperclubs, Lounges & Afterhours. Not to mention all of the big time DJ’s who visit the city on a regular basis to spin at mega-events.

6.) Easy & eco-friendly transportation options– It’s really easy to get around the downtown core without a vehicle. Montreal is very biker-friendly, has a great metro system and if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can walk pretty much everywhere downtown. Most people live in the downtown core, but if you’re thinking of a cheaper rent, you can always check out neighbouring areas, like NDG or the Plateau, which still offer easy and affordable transportation services.

7.) Lots of great festivals no matter the season. Summertime? Jazz Fest. Wintertime? Igloofest. Trust us, there’s no shortage of things to do in Montreal, or people to see. The streets are always busy, packed full of thousands of shoppers, tourists and locals regardless of the time of day, so you will never feel lonely like you would in a small town!


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