Montreal Bike Fest – June 2012

Plateau, Mount Royal

When June rolls in so do the cyclists! Montreal is North America’s cyclist capital for good reason! Hundreds of thousands of cycling enthusiasts overtake the city of Montreal during the summer months. Bikers also take full advantage of the city’s local mountain, Mount Royal, it’s large spanning park and seemingly endlessly winding paths.

The city itself is really bike friendly, with miles of biking lanes adjacent to the busy streets in the heart of downtown Montreal. With two cycling festivals happening annually; La Tour De La Nuit and La Tour De L’Ile,in the early weeks of June, its easy to understand why so many people come here for a good ride!

  • La Tour De La Nuit is a free nighttime festival in Parc La Fontaine, that draws thousands of cyclists biking around downtown Montreal, either on their own bikes or rented Bixi’s. Starting at the beautiful Parc-La-Fontaine, at the corner of Roy (June 3rd, 8:30-pm), this night-time tour circles back around the scenic Plateau area of Montreal, ending at rue Jeanne-Mance.
  • La Tour De L’Ile involves a more heavy course, 20K to be exact and the cyclists are a little bit more hardcore than that of La Tour De La Nuit. The course goes all over the city and spans over the course of three days, bringing in close to 100,000 people!

Maps and gorgeous photo’s of this fantastic event are available on this great Montreal website. Of course should you just wish to enjoy the natural bike paths, you can! There are plenty of rental places offering all kinds of biking equipment, for scenic trails running along the water of the Old Port in Montreal. You can even rent a Bixi bike, there is bound to be a station on a block near you if your anywhere downtown Montreal.


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