Sundays in Montreal – Beach Club

Beach Club - Point Calumet, Montreal, Qc

Beach Club – Point Calumet, Montreal, Qc. This little island is a 45 minute scenic drive from downtown Montreal, and it’s honestly one of the best activities to do in Montreal. It’s open everyday of the week but the best day is definitely Sunday. The crowd is a great at Beach Club, and most people gather around the outdoor dance floor on the mega deck to electronic music.

Things to do at Beach Club:

Wakeboarding around the island
Swimming in either the surrounding lake or the swimming pool
Relaxing on one of their many lounge chairs on the beach
– Enjoy some Drinks & BBQ-style food
– Listen or dance to Electronica or Hip Hop music (depending on your tastes, there’s two sides to please just about everybody!)

If you really like big crowds, then go on the days where they have big Dj’s like Armin Van Buerren, but if a chill vibe is what you’re looking for; choose a regular day so avoid being bothered by hot, sweaty men! Check out this link here for Google Maps info.
Best Part? $10-$20 Entry / per person.


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