Sundays in Montreal: Tam Tams Jam

Beautiful Parc Mount Royal —>

Tam Tams has a very diverse crowd and lots of culture. The best part: you can go there for free! This family and dog friendly, 420 inspired event is held every single Sunday when weather permits, downtown Montreal. You can walk just 5 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the downtown city, to the Parc Mount Royal, for which the city was named after. This park is the base of a nice mountain that provides the city dwellers with fresh air and large, green and wide open spaces to enjoy. On Sundays, you can usually find half the city, we’re talking thousands of people, peacefully enjoying some lazy outdoor time to the sound of drums. Check it out when you’re looking for something to do -> Corner of Avenue Du Parc & Avenue Des Pins, Centreville, Montreal.

* On this particular day, there were thousands of people on the mountain, looking for some fresh air and sunshine after that long hibernation. WOW, we have never seen so many people there. See that statue in the centre of the photograph? It’s barely visible because of the sunshine … That statue is where the Tam Tams Jam centres. There are crowds of hundreds maybe even thousands of people, each with their own unique instrument or drums, largely participating in making music, together.  There’s some local artisans there too, lined up Flee Market-style around the centre of the action. Not to mention the over abundance of the Dicky-Dee!


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