Sundays in Montreal: Picnik Electronik

Sundays are by far the best days in Montreal. Whether you are hungover from the night before or not, should the weather permit, indulge yourself in at least one of the following extracurriculars:

Pikic Electronik – Parc Jean Drapeau.(10 Mins from Downtown)  They weren’t kidding when they said it’s a picnic, feel free to bring a case of beer/ bottle of wine and some sandwiches because it’s totally cool! On an island, this outdoor party is usually held under this unusual spider-like statue in the park close to La Ronde

You can witness live, local, underground Dj’s here, spinning fantastic electro or dub step beats under the sun, every Sunday in Montreal$10-$20 Entry + Plenty of Alcohol.

Things To at Piknic:

  • Check out the sick view: Montreal’s skyline. You are directly across the water from the Old Port of Montreal, which is a super yummy treat for the eyes!
  • Grab ice cold drinks, or Montreal sausages, from any of their many bars with friendly staff always waiting to chat.
  • Dance your ass off under the huge sculpture, with live underground, electro DJ’s spinning and hoards of local Montrealer’s dancing like it’s 3AM, you just can’t go wrong with this Sunday afternoon Piknic!

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