Montreal’s Best Lounges

Best places to grab  a drink in Montreal?

  1. The W Hotel is a great place to start, we particularly enjoy  their Srawbellini!
  2. Perhaps some quick spanish-style Tapas and more Martini’s at Santos in the Old Port of Montreal? We think so!
  3. Later, take off to Crescent Street in Downtown Montreal, to check out the super chick Newtown lounge. You can enjoy one of their two outdoor terraces in the heart of the hustle and bustle, over a nice bottle of wine and dinner. Or, you could take advantage of their newly redecorated (2012) upstairs bar and patio area which overlooks downtown, which offers plush outdoor furniture sets, and outdoor water feature  and plenty of Shisha to go around!
  4. Sir Winston Churchill’s Pub, on Crescent street offers an attractive 5a7 deal everyday in the summer to patio guests; two for one on all speed bar alcohol & domestic beers,  house wine / $7.00 ea.
  5. Not feeling alcohol? Try Nespresso for either an indoor or outdoor 5 star cafe experience. A waiter literally serves your Latte with a nice little mint chocolate on the side. Its a real treat!
  6. St. Sulpice, St. Denis. This backyard patio is so Montreal! With its stone courtyard and vines winding all around, this is one of the best places to grab Sangria. It’s always packed because the drinks are pretty cheap and the bar food’s not bad. Definitely a staple!

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