Things To Do in Montreal

Montreal is a French speaking city on an island in eastern Canada, known to have good universities, delicious food, and excellent nightlife. The cities’ diverse culture of young people live mostly in the downtown core close to the schools. This area is densely populated with fantastic outdoor shopping. Montreal actually boasts 17km of shopping, all closely entertained with the most famous street in Montreal: St Catharines. Most of the exciting things to do are close to this street. The hotels, nightlife, transportation and touristic attractions are all centrally located, which makes getting around really easy.

The best thing about Montreal: You will find some of the biggest Dj’s around flying into Montreal to participate in the musical summertime festivities. You can dance your little heart away until sunrise should you so choose!  Always good to know about these places, and certainly try to work at least one of them into your schedule!–>

  • Crescent Street Montreal – This street is centrally located with plenty of bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Find a great patio and get comfy, because you’ll probably be staying for a while. Newtown is great for a more intimate affair, Nespresso if you’re looking for a nightcap. Burgers and cheap bear? Winnies (a.k.a: Sir Winston Churchill Pub), which is the oldest bar on the street at more than 60 years old!
  • St Catherine – The shopping district, indoor and outdoor. 17 km long! Enough said.
  • St Denis & Mount Royal – Unique little boutiques & French restaurants make for a great day shopping and dining.
  • The Lookout Montreal– Great spot near the top of the mountain, a short 5 minute drive from downtown, this is a great place to get a panoramic view of the city skyline. They even have sightseeing binoculars so you can enjoy every last detail!

Within close proximity to the downtown core’s schools and shopping district, you can find a cobblestone oasis that appears a century old. The Old Port of Montreal is a historically preserved area in Montreal, home to the world famous Cirque De Soleil tent. The architecture is victorian inspired, the streets lined with cobblestone and horse drawn carriages. Hidden amongst the ancient looking facade, you will find many modern lounges, electronic clubs and the nicest terraces, making for an exciting day and/ or  night out!


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